Orgone, the Lifeforce and sex

Due to the Star Wars mythos, there seems to be a misunderstanding that The Force requires celibacy and ascetecism of us. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the Star Wars saga, the Jedi were required to be celibate; they weren’t even allowed to marry. This hypocrisy, in part, led to Anakin Skywalker transforming into Darth Vader because he had to keep his marriage to Padme a deep, dark secret.

If you think about it, one of the most basic functions of life is to reproduce, not just to perpetuate the species but to pass along important genetic traits. If you don’t breed them, they go extinct. The Force sensitives who were selected to be Jedi, were very rare. Jedi masters had to search the galaxy to find them. To not breed this potent psychic potential could be considered a type of genocide. So essentially, the Jedi, in absorbing Force sensitives into their ranks and forbidding them to breed, betrayed The Force and brought the Dark Side down upon themselves.

So, to prevent such a thing from potentially happening in the future (we certainly don’t want to breed Vaders to kill younglings and blow up planets) let’s explore the Sexy Side of The Force.

Orgone energy, according to Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an early 20th century psychoanalyst, is a vital, primal, nonmaterial life force and sexual energy that permeates the universe.  The word comes from the German word orgon which means chi or prana, from orgasmus: orgasm and organisch: organic.

The concept of orgone energy has become popular among certain metaphysical groups and one can purchase products which supposedly enhance one’s ability to utilize this energy. Please save your money. Correct meditation doesn’t cost anything and is really the only way to access this energy.

In this context, I am using the term orgone to mean a specific aspect of the lifeforce, the primal, pleasurable, sensual side which is vital for life itself to exist.

Although sexual excitement and orgasms are the most obvious, it also includes feelings of love, and anything that gives you pleasure. Orgone energy can be used to heal yourself and others, and can also be experienced empathically when love and/or desire are shared.

Have you ever felt somebody else’s desire for you or felt your pet actually loves you? Have you noticed your plants grow better if you really love them? That’s orgone.

There is a hedonistic side of this path that fully embraces orgone and all of its benefits. But hedonism in this case does not amount to a sexual free-for-all. In fact, excessive promiscuity can damage your orgone and turn it against you. Self discipline and meditation must come first.

Love is an intrinsic emotion to life itself. Without love, we don’t thrive, healing slows and disease grows. Sexual energy is potent and orgasms can be addictive. But the sexual charge is not half as potent without the heart being engaged. And while there is a certain kind of power in sexual conquests and domination, without a basis of emotional love, you will never get the full experience of what orgone really is.

But it is really more complex than this. Human sexuality is very complex and problematic as we are raised to seek artificial monogamy to please the invisible sky lord, are genetically programmed for serial monogamy and live in a society that glorifies promiscuity in a sexist, male dominated rape culture.

There are many expressions of human relationships and sexuality, and while I am mainly focussing on heterosexuality, I am not truly excluding homosexuality and bisexuality as legitimate forms of loving expression.

The first thing to remember is the fundamental purpose of sexual intercourse is reproduction. The male produces semen and the female produces ovum in order to produce offspring. The potent desire and orgasms are nature’s way of manipulating us into intercourse in order to perpetuate the species. Of course, being thinking, aware beings we can choose consciously to not produce a child and enjoy sex for the pleasure of it. And we are supposed to. Sex for pleasure is, in part, what makes us human because we are able to override nature’s programming to mindlessly produce children and fully embrace the pleasures of the flesh.

As far as relationships go, we have three basic choices: polyamory (multiple partners), serial monogamy- which is the easiest for humans as we are most closely related to orangutans and true monogamy, which is the most difficult  since it requires us to override genetic programming as well as locate the correct mate. We can’t truly mate for life without a correct life mate.

To determine which is the best lifestyle for you requires truly getting to know yourself without fear and false ego getting in the way. It is necessary to be in touch with not only your thinking processes but your emotions. Choosing the right lifestyle for you personally is intrinsic to your own satisfaction and happiness as well as getting the most out of your orgone experience.

Partners are not one size fits all. We relate to each person in a different way.

The best way to choose a sex partner is by the throbbing in your groin and the affection in your heart. You must not choose by simply what happens to be available to you no matter how unattractive you believe you are. If it takes coaxing and cajoling, excessive foreplay, too much artificial lube or expensive gifts, pass right on by. It’s better to hold it in and masturbate regularly.

As a matter of fact, masturbation is healthy for you. An intimate relationship with yourself can improve your technique, deepen your own understanding of your own needs, and helps you to explore fantasies which can reveal parts of yourself that might need to be changed, healed or even enhanced.

There is also an energy flow when it comes to orgone. Male pursuing and approaching female is the most potent. In casual sex, female pursuing the male can work but the most power comes with male to female movement. In certain rare types of relationships, male to female is the only way.

The reason for this is natural. The penis enters the vagina, the sperm springs from the penis, and swims to the egg. The egg does not leap from a woman’s vagina, and slide into the penis to fertilize itself in the scrotum. This really can’t be overridden if you want the most potent orgasms as well as a possible empathic sexual experience.

Orgone is highly complex, yet immensely worth exploring. Meditate. Masturbate. Fantasize.

May The Sexy Force be with you.