My case against god.

My disbelief in God is more then lack of belief. It is a conviction. I have honestly explored the idea in numerous ways; through religion, metaphysical studies, my own intuition and through science. I have come to the conclusion it isn’t there.

Every religion I have looked into disagrees with all the others. Each religion contradicts itself from within. They each claim the real thing, yet their paths dead end and I am left with nothing. No religion is doing so much good for the world that I can justify the existence of religion at all. In fact, they tend to be harmful to the individual, promoting fear, hatred, bigotry and intolerance. They are harmful to society for the very same reasons, plus, their doctrines cause the rights of individuals to be infringed upon for no other reason than superstition, and they inspire violence.

God becomes an excuse to harm. An individual uses his belief to justify his own behavior through believing his belief gives him superior authority to do so. This seems delusional, in my eyes.

I’ve explored the personal expressions of what god might be through both religious and non-religious believers. Nobody can prove anything. God is whatever they say it is: a dead savior, a child with a birth defect, a monkey, pure consciousness, the universe and life itself, even the individual may declare himself god. It is said by some that it allows us to relate to it in our own personal way.

So, therefore, god is the creator of everything that has no will of its own, conforms to the wishes of its believer, functions how the believer claims, and is called by any name one wishes to call it. Yet it exists.

In my own experiences, believing in it harms me emotionally and physically. I become depressed and angry, and my health deteriorates. My psychic gifts dull down and all my magic disappears.

I have no use for god. I don’t understand the need people have for this strange delusion. Is it an emotional and imaginary addiction?

Are people with this belief better than those without it? I haven’t found this to be so. From pedophile priests and ministers to religious terrorists, I don’t see this belief making anyone better. Even believers who seem nice use it to restrict their own behavior and place unnatural limits on themselves instead of enjoying what is pleasant.

I’m a much better person since I came out of denial and admitted that I don’t believe. I was only pretending and lying to myself. My life is far from perfect, but I am rarely suicidal anymore, less angry and better able to cope when disaster strikes.

Letting go of the concept of god was the best thing I ever did. It opened up new avenues which led to a greater understanding of the world and my place in it.

Pascal was so wrong…





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