If there is no God, how does the universe exist?

The nature of the primitive mind can be exasperating as it gravitates toward superstitious answers to complex questions. It’s easy to write off the formation of the universe to it having been created by a celestial being that existed before existence and willed the whole thing into being with a few words.

I could give an easy answer by saying, a process I call spontaneous generation. The whole thing happened naturally and spontaneously without any conscious will behind it. I can also say the Big Bang occurred as part of this process. I could even say some sort of mysterious energy I call The Force had a great deal to do with it.

That doesn’t really give answers unless you really don’t care. And if you do care, it only raises more questions.

Where did matter come from? What caused the singularity which expanded or exploded during the Big Bang? And what the heck is The Force? What does Star Wars have to do with any of this?

Science reveals new data that might well give a hint as to how it all began. This article from Scientific American is an excellent place to start.


There is an old saying that nature abhors a vacuum. And scientists are proving this correct. Apparently, a vacuum will spontaneously produce virtual photons, light particles, out of nowhere. They blink into and out of existence and cause changes within the vacuum. If mirrors are placed within the vacuum, they will be moved by “a seemingly mysterious force”.

Now let’s take this a step further. Scientists have proven that energy becomes matter. If light can be spontaneously formed in a vacuum, so can non-light emitting energy that becomes matter. The finest atomic particles are nearly impossible to detect. It has taken years of experimentation, but CERN, with their Large Hadron Collider, have confirmed the existence of quarks. So, it is logically probable that along with virtual-photons, a vacuum will produce virtual-quarks and other particles that would eventually lead to matter being formed.

I have a scientifically inclined mind yet at the same time, I am guided by a kind of intuitiveness and imagination. I have to look at things through a metaphysical perspective as well as mechanistic. What causes these virtual particles?

I call it The Force, inspired by the mystical energy field introduced in the Star Wars movies. In the movies, it’s said to be an energy field generated by life. But this explanation seems lopsided.

I say The Force is an energy involved in the formation of existence and life itself. Like the virtual-photons, a vacuum might generate an energy field which causes the production of particles which generate more of this energy field which generates more particles and so forth.

The Force, along with the Lifeforce and Lifestream or Web of Life are complex mysteries that I have experienced and can almost prove with what little scientific data I have access to. I can’t accept a purely mechanistic explanation because it doesn’t mesh with my episodes of clairvoyance and precognition. This more metaphysical plus mechanistic understanding works for me, and while it’s not leading me to wealth it is leading me to incredible knowledge. But what can I do but share as I feel compelled to do?

If you don’t like my seemingly mystical Forces, please at least enjoy the article, it is from a reputable source. Maybe one day scientists will come up with a better explanation or term for what I am trying to describe.






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