Across the Stars

Across the Stars

An ultra short story about nothing.

Once upon a time, nothing happened. The stars glimmered bright in the night sky. Below all was well.

Jane, the nameless girl, as she thought of herself (Jane, being such a generic name might as well not be a name at all), sat on an old log by the gurgling creek.

The moonlight cast a soft glow over the meadow. The crickets chirped adding a melody to the harmony of the rushing water of the creek. Jane should have been at peace, but she was not.

Boredom marred the serenity of the idyllic scene. Nothing ever happened. Jane sighed and idly twisted her dull brown hair around her finger.

Then, a meteorite streaked across the stars above. For just a split moment Jane felt a tingling. Joy and wonder coursed through her and she made a wish.

I wish, she thought to the cosmos, something amazing would happen!

Life was dull. Television no longer pleased her. Books had become repetitive. Her friends didn’t have anything to offer but gossip and nightclub hopping. Jane, being as plain as her name, was single and could not find a man to tantalize even so much as a kiss from her.

Jane squeezed her eyes shut, held her breath and with all her might and will wished for that amazing wonder to cut through her boredom and make life worth living.

But wishes on stars and meteorites don’t come true. Nothing ever happened.


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