A Prayer for Moloch (parody)

I wrote this after hearing too many people give credit/blame to their god for the hurricanes and violence this past year. If that is the will of your god, he must be Moloch and this is an appropriate prayer to him:

Hail Moloch!
Lord of destruction and sacrifice!
We grovel at your hooves,
Cowed by the the glory of your violence.
We are awed and thankful
For the display of your might
As we are ground to dust by your fury.
We are grateful for your punishment,
Our pain is a blessing from you,
Our blood and ash our gift to you,
Given willingly and with humility.
Bend us.
Break us.
Burn us.
Great Moloch!
Our suffering is your will.
We honor you with our deaths.
Your scourging cleanses us
Of unholy joy.
We are your bugs to crush,
Your toys to break!
Do as you will to us,
Oh Mighty One,
Lord of all Creation!
Hail Moloch!
Hail Moloch!
Hail Moloch!


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